The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, November 2, 1922] [article]

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Bristol, Nor. 2-The lubject Great Britain's debt to the United StaUa and monejr doe Great Britain from other countries was discussed br L«rd Birkenhead former Lord Chancellor, speakinr here today loyd Ge n appearing. "Apparently the happjr prospect with which we are confronted Is that place of Lloyd George, whose Illness prerented him froi we are to pay ev we owe and that no one pay us any thing they owe us," remarked Laird Birkenhead. "Soma people," he de clared. 'said the Entente was being
more » ... angered if Groat Britain said she was going to pay her debts" and be did not see why she should forgire all those who owe her money. "We do not think America is In danger of Quarrelling wl^ her ^ood friend Great Bri(l!9rn»» :.»* w politely reminds ns wo owe her a considerable sum of money, and I do not see why other nations should be so rery sensitive on matters of busi ness." he added. laird Birkenhead paid a tribute to the work of Lord Balfour at the Washington conference last winter. "Lord Balfour." he added Ironically, "Is one of the clever men whom this country no longer needs." The former Lord Chancellor said com SFORZA IS on TO STAHTPOST London. Nov. 2.-Returns from indon municipal elections are com ing In slowly. Of the nineteen boroughs which had reported up to leo'clr-*
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