Binary Floral Lure Attractive to Velvetbean Caterpillar Adults (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Robert L. Meagher, Peter J. Landolt
2010 Florida Entomologist  
A BSTRACT Evaluation of combinations of flower odor compounds in northern Florida revealed that linalool was synergistic in attractiveness with phenylacetaldehyde (PAA) to the migratory moth velvetbean caterpillar ( Anticarsia gemmatalis Hübner). This noctuid was the most common species collected from traps with a binary lure composed of PAA and linalool, with over 900 males and females collected in Sep 2005 and almost 13,000 collected in a 4-week period in Aug and Sep 2006. Different lid
more » ... gs of the vials containing the chemical blend in an attempt to vary the release rate of the binary lure did not affect the number of velvetbean caterpillar moths captured. Traps baited with the binary lure and placed in May, Jun and early Jul of 2005 and 2009 failed to capture adults demonstrating the absence of adult moths early in the season. Management application of floral attractants in an attract-and-kill strategy is discussed.
doi:10.1653/024.093.0110 fatcat:65ksodhkbjeuhku5ck33vaeke4