Influence of Vitroperm Content on the Energy Losses in Composite Materials Based on the Mixture of Two Ferromagnets

Z. Birčáková, P. Kollár, V. Vojtek, R. Bureš, M. Fáberová
2014 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
Soft magnetic composites oer several advantages such as 3D isotropic magnetic properties and relatively small energy losses, nding use in electrical devices like electromotors, transformers or sensors. The aim of this work was to investigate the dc and ac magnetic properties of composites based on the mixture of two dierent ferromagnets: iron based material Somaloy R 700 and Vitroperm R 500 alloy. The analysis of total losses into dc losses, classical losses and excess losses showed that the
more » ... ssical and excess losses were negligibly small. The specic resistivity was increasing with the increasing fraction of Vitroperm (VPM). The coercivity exhibited maximum at 20% of VPM.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.126.114 fatcat:eb6fstqzbbbnpkxazfybn5l4mm