XXVI. The Pahlavi Text of Yasna LXV (so in S.B.E. xxxi, otherwise LXIV), for the first time critically translated

Lawrence Mills
1906 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
I sacrifice to the Water Ardvīsūr, theclear (or pure);[its (i.e. her) pureness is this, that in consequence of her purity her place is on the star track], (2) thefull forth-flowing(one), [that is to say, she penetrates to every single place], thehealing(one), [that is to say, she thoroughly heals a case (literally 'a matter')], theDemonsevered(one), [that is to say, in no connection with her are the Demons], the one of Aūharmazd's Lore, [that is to say, her religious Lore (her Dēnā) is that of
more » ... r Dēnā) is that of Aūharmazd (and not that of the Devas, meaning that her sanctity stands in connection with the Dēn of Ahura)],
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