Yakubu Ajiji Makeri
2020 Acta Informatica Malaysia  
Cryptanalysis is a new ID-based encryption scheme proposed by Meshram. I found a method for factor N, where N is the parameter proposed by Meshram. We also provide a method for retrieving the Secret Master key for Mayshram's ID-based encryption scheme. Identity-based (ID-based) cryptography is very useful because it simplifies certificate management in public-key cryptocurrency. For the design of the Integrated File Level Cryptographic Access Control (IFLCAC) system, it makes file security much
more » ... easier for the end-user. This system combines the advantages of traditional file-level cryptography and full-disc cryptography systems, making it safe and easy to use. We first look at existing file cryptography systems, compare them to two, and then describe the interactions between components and components of the integrated file-level cryptographic access control system. Because its defense relies on the difficulty of discrete logarithmic and integer factor problems, it proves that his scheme is safe against favorable select-plain invasion. We show that this new ID-based encryption scheme is not secure by introducing a method to retrieve the secret master key.
doi:10.26480/aim.01.2020.19.21 fatcat:z76psanez5aj5fy2hqh4i4lec4