Influence of Temperature and Added Lime on the Glassy Phase Dissolution in Low-calcium Fly ash Binary Blend

Gangapatnam. V. P. Bhagath Singh, Kolluru V. L. Subramaniam
2016 Journal of advanced concrete technology  
The influence of temperature and added lime on the dissolution of the glassy phase in a binary blend of low-calcium siliceous fly ash and cement. An XRD-based technique is used for quantification of the glassy phase content and the amorphous reaction products in the binary blend. The experimental technique allows for tracking the formation of amorphous reaction products, the availability of lime and the unreacted glassy content. The rate limiting step in the pozzolanic reaction of low calcium
more » ... y ash is established to be the dissolution of its glassy phase. Results indicate that increasing the temperature from 25 o C to 40 o C produces a significant increase in the rate of dissolution of the glassy phase of fly ash and an increase in the rate of formation of reaction products. Addition of quicklime is very effective in producing reactive lime in the solution. The rate of dissolution of the glassy phase of fly ash and the rate of pozzolanic reaction are not significantly influenced by the lime content in the system. The proportion of fly ash which remains unreacted which is indicated by the undissolved glassy phase depends on the availability of lime in the system.
doi:10.3151/jact.14.614 fatcat:2otkcla3z5hkpci6ehgbbc4npy