Applying Epidemiology to Diagnostic Findings

A.H. Meek, S. W. Martin
A clinical diagnosis can be considered a probability statement. How good that statement is depends on a number of factors related to the examiner, the examined and the examination (Sackett et al, 1985). In addition to this, the ability to extrapolate ones findings from a few examined animals to the population eg. herd, will depend on how representative the examined animals are of the population and /or the number of animals sampled. In this paper, primary emphasis will be given to the
more » ... en to the examination, particularly to the use of tests, for detecting subclinical disease and to the extrapolation of results to the population.
doi:10.21423/aabppro19856944 fatcat:v52iqumstfgf7hvesxvrudkw2y