Multiple Comparisons for Exponential Median Lifetimes with the Control Based on Doubly Censored Samples

Shu-Fei Wu
2020 Mathematics  
Under doubly censoring, the one-stage multiple comparison procedures with the control in terms of exponential median lifetimes are presented. The uniformly minimum variance unbiased estimator for median lifetime is found. The upper bounds, lower bounds and two-sided confidence intervals for the difference between each median lifetimes and the median lifetime of the control population are developed. Statistical tables of critical values are constructed for the practical use of our proposed
more » ... ures. Users can use these simultaneous confidence intervals to determine whether the performance of treatment populations is better than or worse than the control population in agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. At last, one practical example is provided to illustrate the proposed procedures.
doi:10.3390/math9010076 fatcat:6qlqwr7ohzdmxielt6vkpo3ghu