Biogeography and morphology of a poorly known Sellaphora species

Eva Acs, Carlos E. Wetzel, Krisztina Buczko, Keve T. Kiss, Katalin Nagy, Zsuzsa Trabert, Angela Foldi, Virag Pozderka, Petra Werner, David Heudre, Luc Ector
2017 Fottea  
Specimens of a very small diatom were found in a dead oxbow of Tisza River (Hungary), in Eula River (Germany) and Parroy Pond (France). After SEM studies we identified all of them as Eolimna archibaldii J.c. taylor et laNge-Bert., which is currently regarded as endemic species to South Africa. Furthermore, the results of Principal Components Analysis of morphometric characters clearly demonstrated an overlap between the type material and European populations. Therefore this diatom cannot be
more » ... iatom cannot be considered endemic to South Africa. Moreover, E. archibaldii and a very similar species, E. becaresii are transferred to the genus Sellaphora. Our results confirm the benefit of SEM for verifying the identity of small-sized diatoms, especially for routine monitoring, and allow more precise ecological assessment.
doi:10.5507/fot.2016.021 fatcat:2bha53dc2nbkxjo7bej5qvhnni