A Combined Measurement Method for Large-Size Aerospace Components

Zhilong Zhou, Wei Liu, Qiong Wu, Yuxin Wang, Binchao Yu, Yi Yue, Jiabo Zhang
2020 Sensors  
Automated and high-accuracy three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement is required in quality control of large-size components for the aerospace industry. To eliminate the contradiction between global measurement and local precision measurement control in 3D digitalization for the key local features of the large-size components, a combined measurement method is proposed, including a 3D scanner, a laser tracker, and an industrial robot used as an orienting device, to achieve high-accuracy
more » ... h-accuracy measurement. As for improving the overall measurement accuracy, an accurate calibration method based on coordinate optimization of common points (COCP) and coordinate optimization of global control points (COGP) is proposed to determine the coordinate systems. Firstly, a coordinate optimization method of common points (COCP) is recommended. Then, a coordinate optimization method of global control points (COGP) based on the angular constraint is proposed for minimizing the measurement errors and improving the measurement accuracy of the position and orientation of the 3D scanner. Finally, a combined measurement system is established, and validation experiments are carried out in laboratory within a distance of 4 m. The calibration experiment results demonstrate that the max and mean errors of the coordinate transformation have been reduced from 0.037 and 0.022 mm to 0.021 and 0.0122 mm. Additionally, the measurement experiment results also show that the combined measurement system features high accuracy.
doi:10.3390/s20174843 pmid:32867175 fatcat:6ne2cddw3nbupmw76pqsv4cpge