Corrosion of Spent Nuclear Fuel: The Long-Term Assessment [report]

Rodney C. Ewing
2004 unpublished
Research Objectives This research program is a broadly based effort to understand the long-term behavior of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and its alteration products in a geologic repository. We have established by experiments and field studies that natural uraninite, UO 2+x , and its alteration products are excellent "natural analogues" for the study of the corrosion of UO 2 in SNF. This on-going research program has addressed the following major issues: What are the long-term corrosion products of
more » ... rrosion products of natural UO 2+x , uraninite, under oxidizing and reducing conditions? What is the paragenesis or the reaction path for the phases that form during alteration? 3. What is the radionuclide content in the corrosion products as compared with the original UO 2+x ? Do the trace element contents substantiate models developed to predict radionuclide incorporation into the secondary phases?
doi:10.2172/833467 fatcat:2xetcqj5cbh7zilfknmo32fedy