Oğuz Alparslan ÇATAL, Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University
2022 Turkology  
The language; undergoes phonetic, morphological and lexical changes due to historical, social, geographical and cultural reasons. Kyrgyz Turkish has also changed due to similar reasons and its dialects have been formed. In addition to historical, social and cultural differences, the contacts of the region's people with their geographical neighbours and the mountainous and rugged physical conditions of the area have been influential in the formation of dialect differences in Kyrgyz Turkish.
more » ... geographical conditions have made communication between tribes difficult in some places. And as a result language contact with neighbouring countries, has led to copy words and some grammatical changes. In the study, the classification studies on the Kyrgyz Turkish dialects were examined and the dialect features were shown. In this article, firstly, dialectology terms in Turkology studies conducted in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan are shown. The formation process of the dialects of Kyrgyz Turkish and the factors are explained chronologically. Then, the classification studies of the Kyrgyz dialects divided into North, Southeast and Southwest (İçkilik) are shown. In classification studies, phonetic, morphological and lexical features of Kyrgyz dialects are shown by giving examples from grammatical findings.
doi:10.47526/2022-4/2664-3162.12 fatcat:ywvcme5wqra2vfcrh7wjkxu6mm