The Influence of Surface Modified Nano Alumina for Electrical Treeing in Epoxy Insulation
에폭시 절연의 전기적 트리잉에 관한 표면 개질된 나노알루미나의 영향

Jae-Jun Park
2016 The Transactions of The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers  
This paper presents the results of a study on the effect of surface modified alumina nanocomposites on electrical tree growth in epoxy insulation. Treeing experiments were conducted at a fixde AC voltage (500kV/mm, 10kV/60Hz)on unfilled epoxy sample as well as epoxy nanocomposites of 4 types with different loading and surface modified GDE gram. Time for tree growth as well as tree propagation length were studied. The results show that there is a significant improvement tree propagation time
more » ... are unfilled epoxy to epoxy nano alumina composites. Different tree propagation shapes as well as slower tree growth with 4 types nano alumina composites were observed.
doi:10.5370/kiee.2016.65.7.1218 fatcat:ihum3h72rjdlvdcdysgmrj73c4