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1891 Scientific American  
that the average quantity of gelatine emulsion requir-ship of 7,000 tom; needs no more officers than does one ed for eoating a whole plate is a fluid drachm. 80 that of 3,500. The cost of propelling a large ship is not if four whole plates or their equivalent are stripped, double the cost of one of half the capacity at the we shall get about half an ounce of emulsion, which same speed. �Anatomy and Zoology.-Prix Bordin (not awarded); Prix Savigny. divided between Dr. Jousseaume and M. R. P.
more » ... oue; Prix 'l'hore (not awarded); Prix Serres, M. Camille Dareste. will be plen ty for our purpose. "These large vessels demand room in which to turn Me(lieine and Su,l·gel'y.-Pr i x Mont yon, divided be twePIl M. Felix Guyoll, M. Auguste Ollivier and M. Paul Richer; IIIPlltions were aceorded to M. Ch. Fies singer, MM .• J. Chauvel and H. Nimier, and M. Ch. Mauriac; Prix Breant. divided betwePrI M. G. Colin and M. A. Layet ; Prix Godard, M. Samuel Pozzi; honorable mention, MM. Ch. Monod and O. Terrillon ; Prix Barbier, M. Claude Martin; honorable mention, M. Gaston Lyon and M. B. Dupuy; Prix Lallemand, divided between Mme. Dejerine-Klumpke and M. G. Guinon; Prix Dusgate (not awarded); Prix Bellion (not awarded) ; Prix Mege, M. Nicaise.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02281891-12642asupp fatcat:7ife7g35gredrl5wep2eibkttm