The PGR networks in France: Collaboration of users and the genetic resource centre on small grain cereals

A. Didier, L. Bardy, E. Boulat, J. Koenig, A. Lapierre, F. Exbrayat, J. Bordes, F. Balfourier
2012 Russian Journal of Genetics Applied Research  
Plant genetic resources (PGR) have been used in breeding programs for many decades to produce modern varieties by introducing genes of interest, in particular, resistance genes. Nevertheless, these resources remain underestimated if we focus on abiotic stress tolerance or new agricultural techniques, which consider productivity with regard to the environment. In recent years, new users, such as scientists and farmers, have discovered diverse sources of interest for screening and exploiting
more » ... al diversity conserved in PGR collections. In the case of the French cereals PGR Network, a share of the responsibility, based on the knowledge and ability of network members, has been decided in order to better promote the use of PGR. The main species of Triticum (wheat), Hordeum (barley), Secale (rye), ×Triticosecale (triticale), Avena (oat) genera and their wild relatives are held in the collection. By combining phenotypic and genotypic data, the whole genetic resource collection has been structured into smaller functional groups of accessions, in order to facilitate the access and meet the increasing number of different requirements for the distribution of adapted samples of accessions. New panels are being processed to give breeders and scientists new useful tools to study, for instance, stress resistance or to develop association studies. All these data obtained from the French small grain cereal Network will be progressively available through the INRA Genetic Resource Website
doi:10.1134/s2079059712040053 fatcat:dikzvn7qkna3bnxdpex5eegotq