A creative and aural method to teach improvisation as a supplement to horn pedagogy for applied lesson instructors [thesis]

Daniel Allan Spencer
Traditional instrumental pedagogy depends to a large extent on printed method books. This notation-based approach of current horn pedagogy can benefit from a supplementary and complementary method of aural and creative pedagogy, which enhances learning of aural skills, creativity, musicality, and technique on the horn. This document provides a step-by-step guide for applied horn teachers that will provide them with the necessary tools to teach students using aural and improvisatory techniques
more » ... satory techniques without musical notation as well as to become more comfortable with improvisation. Abstract Approved: ____________________________________ Thesis Supervisor ____________________________________
doi:10.17077/etd.3i0rda2y fatcat:d3e55mos75ccvhwm2ug4jvfyfi