Studies on the development of functional paper with herbal medicine and herbal medicine waste(Part 1) -Development of functional paper with Astragalus membranaceus, Angelica acutiloba and Artemisia capillaris waste-
한약재 및 한약 폐잔재를 이용한 기능지 개발에 관한 연구(제 1보) - 황기, 당귀, 인진쑥의 폐잔재를 이용한 기능지 개발 -

Kyoung-Shin Kim, Seung-Lak Yoon, Jeong-Kwan Ro, Hyun-Jin Jo, Byoung-Soo Kim, Yun-Geun Kim
2013 Journal of Korea Technical Association of The Pulp and Paper Industry  
This research was performed to make functional papers by using the waste of herbal medicine such as Astragalus membranaceus, Angelica acutiloba, and Artemisia capillaris as additives, and to evaluate their physical and optical properties of the manufactured paper. The physical and optical properties were decreased with the increase of the amount of herbal medicine. Of those manufactured papers, the functional paper with Artemisia capillaris showed the dramatic decrease in its physical
more » ... . Adding the herbal medicine waste as additives developed the aesthetic pattern on the surface of the manufactured paper. The paper showing the black pattern on white surface was most favored. Different patterns could be made by changing the size of fibers and the amount of wastes. There was odor emitted from the paper due to the herbal medicine waste, which make the paper to have a potential for the diverse purpose. The herbal medicine waste can be applied to replace weighting agents in the manufacturing process of paper 10 김경신․윤승락․노정관․조현진․김병수․김윤근 펄프․종이기술 45(3) 2013 or used for the fuctional additives, resulting in the reduce of the quantity of a pulp consumed. The paper with 10-20% Angelica acutiloba waste were thought to have the most excellent quality on the process point of view.
doi:10.7584/ktappi.2013.45.3.009 fatcat:jz42rcu2hncfxn4ges5avus6k4