Design development and analysis of novel intergral heat pipe cooling system for hydraulic power pack tanks

Abhijit, Warhate, M Jagdale
2015 unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Hydraulic power packs are most commonly used power sources in industry. The progress in recent years has offered high efficiency and reliable hydraulic components, yet hydraulic tank design is often neglected part of the development. Hydraulic power units are types of equipment, from which the user expects an energy saving and reliable operation with minimum maintenance problems. One aspect of the hydraulic tank design is prevention of overheating of the hydraulic oil.. Letting oil
more » ... c oil.. Letting oil temperature rise beyond recommended limits can reduce the life of a system due to poor lubrication, higher internal leakage, a higher risk of cavitation, and damaged components. Keeping temperatures down also helps ensure the oil and other components last longer. Excess heat can degrade hydraulic oil, form harmful varnish on component surfaces, and deteriorate rubber and elastomeric seals. Operating within recommended temperature ranges increases a hydraulic system's availability and efficiency, improving equipment productivity .Finally, with more machine uptime and fewer shutdowns, it reduces service and repair costs Considering the benefits coolers offer, it's apparent that accurately sizing them is a paramount concern for design engineers. Under sizing obviously allows higher-than-recommended oil temperatures. But over sizing hurts system efficiency as well, by reducing temperatures below the recommended range and increasing costs with a larger-than-necessary purchase. Objective of this paper is to develop an integrated cooling system in the hydraulic tank itself by use of heat pipes and innovative fin structures. The hydraulic tank is to be fitted with oil cooler modules arranged in series on the tank surface lined along the wall of the tank. The use of heat pipe will result into better overall heat transfer whereas the innovative fin structure will offer maximum surface area in minimal space. A dedicated pump system with minimal power consumption is provided with system for effective flow of oil through the oil cooler system. Here the individual modules will cooled by a dedicated fan.