Mass Spectra of Several Alcohol Esters of Lauric Acid

Hideo MAMURO, Akio KATO, Tetsutaro HASHIMOTO, Susumu SUZUKI
1973 Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society  
The mass spectra of several alcohol esters (C1-C5) of lauric acid were studied in order to investigate the influence of the ionization voltage on the length and iso-structure of alcohol chain . Generally, hydrocarbon peaks at 20eV and 30eV were smaller than the corresponding ions at 70eV in the mass spectra of these laurates. However, following peaks showed especially larger relative intensity at 20eV and 30eV than that at 70eV , at m/e 201 in propyl, butyl and n-amyl esters, at m/e 60 and 200
more » ... n iso-propyl laurate. In the mass spectra of propyl, butyl, and amyl esters , a rearranged ion peak was observed at m/e 201. The peak at m/e 183 due to was found in all laurates. These two peaks are characteristic of laurates and useful for the identification of laurates .
doi:10.5650/jos1956.22.352 fatcat:sfd3fkxjlvboblxlsqhvyiotda