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1890 Scientific American  
Smith's Turn Out., S. C. This is a machine with a frame in which a carriage is adapted to travel, there being attached thereto saw or planer bits, t.he carriage being conveniently and expeditiously manipulated and the knives being adjustable to operate on boards of varied thickness. DIE FOR MAKING ROCK DRILLS. John Cahill. Tarrytown, N. Y. Combined with hinged die sections oppositely and longitudInally channeled to produce a circular aperture are four spaced guides, with die keys made to slide
more » ... keys made to slide between them, and other novel features, whereby a steam hammer may be utilized to rapidly and perfectly form the wings and cutting edges on a rock drill. Agricultural. HARROW. -Niels L. Beck, Brayton, Iowa. The frame of this harrow is preferably made of iron or steel, broad at the rear and narrow in front, and having forwardly projecting teeth attached to the bars of the frame in such a manner that they will be held and firmly braced therein, whlle the construction is designed to be simple, durable and cheap. PORTABLE CORN CRIB. -Charles 1. Cook and Henry M. Britton, Ode bolt, Iowa. The body of this crib is composed of vertical slats united by twisted wire bands, the body having a side door, and there bemg a detar-hable chain for connecting the edges of the body, the whole having a conical top and re movable cover, making a cheap and strong crib to bUIld where lumbp,r is 8carce. RICE MACHINE. -Squire A. Pickett, Crowley, La. This machine consists of a drum or casing having its lower portion divided into compart ments and its upper portion provided with partition plates with depending stop ribs, and a shaft ha vinl: arms or beaters, the machine being adapted for both hulling and scouring rice.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05171890-316 fatcat:ngij5waiq5bylgvqx7zmihv7re