Set Theory INC# ∞# Based on Innitary Intuitionistic Logic with Restricted Modus Ponens Rule. Hyper Inductive Denitions. Application in Transcendental Number Theory. Generalized Lindemann-Weierstrass Theorem

Jaykov Foukzon
2021 Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science  
In this paper intuitionistic set theory INC#∞# in infinitary set theoretical language is considered. External induction principle in nonstandard intuitionistic arithmetic were derived. Non trivial application in number theory is considered.The Goldbach-Euler theorem is obtained without any references to Catalan conjecture. Main results are: (i) number ee is transcendental; (ii) the both numbers e + π and e − π are irrational.
doi:10.9734/jamcs/2021/v36i830394 fatcat:tqshlqhh25hyfjbl5hlbizpplu