Fast Large Volume Simulations of the Epoch of Reionization

Mario Santos, L. Ferramacho, M. B. Silva
2011 Proceedings of Wide Field Astronomy & Technology for the Square Kilometre Array — PoS(SKADS 2009)   unpublished
We present a new type of simulation of the 21cm signal from the Reionization and pre-Reionization epoch capable of quickly generating the signal up to very high redshifts with the large field of view of the next generation of radio telescopes. This simulation uses a semi-numerical prescription based on 3-d Monte-Carlo realizations of the dark matter density field, achieving a much higher dynamical range than previous time-consuming N-body codes with radiative transfer algorithms. The simulation
more » ... hms. The simulation extends to high redshifts (z ∼ 25) thus including the effect of the Lyman alpha and collisional coupling as well as X-ray heating and corrections due to the gas bulk velocities. With the new algorithm we were able to achieve very large volumes (1000 Mpc) 3 , thus fully probing the large scale structure of the 21cm signal and making it ideal for the SKA simulated skies. This fast simulation also allows to quickly test the effect of different astrophysical parameters on the 21cm signal and the code will be made publicly available for the benefit of the SKA community at large.
doi:10.22323/1.132.0011 fatcat:72imkelxyzg57ebwtufflmoi44