Understanding the Characteristics of EMP Stars as Probes for the Early Universe: Stellar Evolution of Low‐ and Intermediate‐Mass EMP Stars

Takuma Suda, Masayuki Y. Fujimoto
We have determined Mg isotope ratios in halo field dwarfs and giants in the globular cluster M71 based on high S/N high spectral resolution {R= 10^) Keck HIRES spectra. Unlike previous claims of an important contribution from intermediate-mass AGB stars to the Galactic halo, we find that our ^^Mg/^^Mg ratios can be explained by massive stars. Five giants in the globular cluster M71 ([Fe/H] = -0.7, [17]) were observed with HIRES atR = 10^. We present the analysis of three of them and also of M71 A4 ob-CP990, First Stars m, edited
doi:10.1063/1.2905563 fatcat:dtjuvvctzze2tbu7apk7gc2ksu