Inventing a Robust Road-Vehicle Flood Level monitoring Device for User-defined Safe Threshold Alert on Road-Flood Disaster [post]

Uzoma I. Oduah, Christopher Anierobi, Olufemi G. Ilori
2021 unpublished
Flooding impedes road utility and the frequency has increased across countries of the world owning to global climate change phenomena. Global road flood casualties have risen from 371,800 in 2015 to 842,000 in 2017 resulting to economic losses valued at approximately US$71 billion. Existing devices that offer warning signals on safe threshold during flooding are predictive in nature and based on complex technologies that are cumbersome and rather expensive thereby affecting the attractiveness
more » ... he attractiveness to low-economy societies of developing countries. There is therefore a dare need for better inventions towards greater mitigation. This paper presents an adaptive, affordable, robust, efficient and effective road vehicle flood level monitoring device for detecting rising flood on roads above a user defined safe threshold to tackle road flood disasters. The device consists of a water sensing column, microcontroller unit, GSM module, transistors coupled to arrays of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that connects to a buzzer through a Stable-Multivibrator circuit. The device operates on the principle of level conductivity sensor. The flood level notification device senses the rising flood level using water sensor probes that activates arrays of LEDs and warning alarm through a microcontroller on exceeding a permissible limit of about 60cm; sending short message service (SMS) to enrolled mobile phone number of meteorological agencies on road flood level reports. By this, road users are alerted of the dangerous flood level. The study therefore recommends for adoption of mandatory inclusion of this invention on roads towards averting the usual road flood hazard in countries.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:sugvxrkhane4hkpirapgj7mzgu