Las actitudes de los españoles hacia la reforma del Estado de Bienestar

Eloísa Del Pino
2008 Política y Sociedad  
In recent years, it has been asserted that western citizens´ attitudes in support of a powerful Welfare State are less enthusiastic than they were in the past. At present, it is argued, citizens would no longer have a desire for an increase in social expenditures and they would probably not punish a government with retrenchment intentions. In this paper, the hypothesis of a change in citizen's attitudes toward the Welfare State is explored. The Spanish case is examined using qualitative and
more » ... qualitative and quantitative data. The conclusions help to qualify the initial argument. In general, Spaniards' attitudes in support of a Welfare State based on a strong public sector remain strong and stable, even though certain type of citizens would accept a higher participation of private sector in welfare service provision. Likewise, immigration arises as one of the most discussed issues related with welfare
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