Letters to Editor / Erratum

Carlos Y Valenzuela
Biological Research  
Prof. R. Berríos kindly read and performed an exhaustive study of my recent article (Valenzuela, 2013) and indicated that the central column of the mutational matrix does not add up to 1, as any stochastic matrix should. I revised it with the construction algorithm and indeed it has errors. This letter corrects these errors and teaches any reader to generate and revise these matrices with the construction and correction algorithms. The column describes the probability of transformation of a
more » ... sformation of a population with 4 bacteria of generation I, where 2 are A and 2 are B (AABB) into a population of 4 bacteria in the next generation J, with the 5 possible alternatives: BBBB, ABBB, AABB, AAAB and AAAA. This transformation occurs after a round of duplication to 8 bacteria and reduction to 4 bacteria by random death, only by recurrent forward (A to B) and backward (B to A) mutation. Both mutation rates (and probability of mutation) are m [non-mutation then occurs with probability (1-m)].
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