A CNN-RNN Combined Structure for Real-World Violence Detection in Surveillance Cameras

Soheil Vosta, Kin-Choong Yow
2022 Applied Sciences  
Surveillance cameras have been increasingly used in many public and private spaces in recent years to increase the security of those areas. Although many companies still recruit someone to monitor the cameras, the person recruited is more likely to miss some abnormal events in the camera feeds due to human error. Therefore, monitoring surveillance cameras could be a waste of time and energy. On the other hand, many researchers worked on surveillance data and proposed several methods to detect
more » ... normal events automatically. As a result, if any anomalous happens in front of the surveillance cameras, it can be detected immediately. Therefore, we introduced a model for detecting abnormal events in the surveillance camera feed. In this work, we designed a model by implementing a well-known convolutional neural network (ResNet50) for extracting essential features of each frame of our input stream followed by a particular schema of recurrent neural networks (ConvLSTM) for detecting abnormal events in our time-series dataset. Furthermore, in contrast with previous works, which mainly focused on hand-crafted datasets, our dataset took real-time surveillance camera feeds with different subjects and environments. In addition, we classify normal and abnormal events and show the method's ability to find the right category for each anomaly. Therefore, we categorized our data into three main and essential categories: the first groups mainly need firefighting service, while the second and third categories are about thefts and violent behaviour. We implemented the proposed method on the UCF-Crime dataset and achieved 81.71% in AUC, higher than other models like C3D on the same dataset. Our future work focuses on adding an attention layer to the existing model to detect more abnormal events.
doi:10.3390/app12031021 fatcat:t2rcpamdknaiphwokrw2t5tlne