MOESM5 of Identification of quantitative trait loci for increased α-tocopherol biosynthesis in wild soybean using a high-density genetic map

Cheolwoo Park, Maria Dwiyanti, Atsushi Nagano, Baohui Liu, Tetsuya Yamada, Jun Abe
2019 Figshare  
Additional file 5. Sequence polymorphisms in γ-TMT1 gene and promoter region. A. γ-TMT1 gene structure is depicted as follows. Exons are shown as red boxes, and areas between two exons are introns. The 5′-UTR and 3′-UTR are shown as grey boxes. Arrows shows all SNPs and indels located in cis-elements (C). Numbers above arrows correspond to DNA polymorphism numbers in (B). B. All SNPs and indels found in gene and promoter region between TK780 and B04009. Third row shows the position of
more » ... polymorphisms relative to translational start site (ATG). C. List of SNPs and indels located within known cis-elements based on the New PLACE prediction. Cis-elements present in TK780 but not in B04009 are shown in black, whereas cis-elements present in B04009 but not in TK780 are shown in red. SNPs or indels position are underlined in Sequence column. Cis-elements specific to seed are written in bold letters.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.10730999 fatcat:bxj57zgy6jfbhdeu6vwecjz2y4