ヒト正常副腎の catecholamine 含量

Teruhiro Nakada, Hiroshi Koike, Takashi Katayama
1985 The Japanese Journal of Urology  
Tissue concentrations of epinephrine (E), norepinephrine (NE) and dopamine (DA) were determined in 53 subjects from 3 weeks of age to 88 years of age. There were no significant differences in mean content of E, NE, DA or total catecholamines (CA) in adrenal glands between male subjects and female subjects. The adrenal E content showed a low level in infant [109 + 35, ig/g (mean + SE. )]. It progressively increased with age and reached a plateau from the age of 20-29 years to 70-79 years. Then
more » ... reduced over the age of 80 years [366 + 138 pg/g (mean + S. E. )]. The adrenal NE content of infant was also at a low level [52 + 23, ug/g (mean +S. E. )]. It increased with advancing age and reached a maximum in the 40-49 age group. The amount of adrenal NE did not change remarkably thereafter. Similar tendecy of adrenal DA as that of E or NE was also noted in infants in lesser extent. The fractional ratios of adrenal E or NE were reduced or elevated in infants or in subjects over the age of 80 years. It appears reasonalbe to conclude from these findings that remarkably reduced level of adrenomedullary function in young infantile period increases with age, and reaches plateau from 20-29 years of age to 70-79 years of age, then reduces after the age of 80 years.
doi:10.5980/jpnjurol1928.76.2_239 fatcat:e3gcwxp5jvhopoc47rc3rfrvxq