Revision of the cleptoparasitic bee genus Cleptommation (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

Michael S. Engel
2013 Journal of Melittology  
The cleptoparasitic bee genus Cleptommation Engel, Brooks, & Yanega, new status (Halictinae: Augochlorini), is revised. In addition to the type species, Cleptommation minutum (Friese), new combination, the following new species are recognized: C. bulivyense Engel, new species, C. tupaqi Engel, new species, and C. chibchani Engel, new species. A lectotype is designated for C. minutum and a key to the species is provided.
doi:10.17161/jom.v0i22.4608 fatcat:hzgem6ahirfavklpnew6dxivqa