A report upon the grasses and forage plants of central Texas. By H.L. Bentley .. [book]

H. L. Bentley
1898 unpublished
The purpose of this report is to iuvite the attention of stockmen and farmers to the mistakes made iu the past in dealing with native grasses and forage plants, and to offer suggestions for their future guidance. Central Texas may he considered a typical stock section. The problems here j)resented are identical with those of other regions where overstocking and insufficient care of the natural growth of grasses and forage plants have led to the impoverishment of the ranges. The natural herbage
more » ... he natural herbage of the Southwestern plains and prairies was once as varied and as rich as could be found anywhere. The wild grasses could not be excelled either for hay or pasturage. They are still to be found scattered over the region, not in as great profusion and abundance as in the days when the cattlemen first drove their herds into that magnificent pasture, but enough of them are there to make it possible by intelligent management to produce something like the former conditions.
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