Random Forest Algorithm for the Relationship between Negative Air Ions and Environmental Factors in an Urban Park

Si Miao, Xuyi Zhang, Yujie Han, Wen Sun, Chunjiang Liu, Shan Yin
2018 Atmosphere  
Negative air ions (NAIs) are a natural component of air and have a positive impact on the health of urban residents. Few studies have focused on the relationship between NAI concentration (NAIC) in the urban atmosphere and environmental factors, such as meteorological factors and air pollutants. Therefore, we established observation points in Zhongshan Park in downtown Shanghai, China, and continuously measured and recorded changes in NAIC for one year. We also monitored nine meteorological
more » ... ors and six atmospheric pollutants. Through correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis, the key factors influencing NAIC were screened, and the effects of those factors on NAIC were explored using the random forest algorithm. The results show that NAIC is most sensitive to humidity, followed by radiation and temperature, and finally to PM2.5. Humidity is the most critical factor, primarily because it directly affects the formation of NAIs from both the environment and vegetation. Furthermore, our results reveal that the mechanisms through which NAIC is influenced by the same factor varies seasonally. We analyzed the relationship between NAIC in an urban atmosphere and environmental factors by using big data, which is a new method for studying the relationships between NAIs and environmental factors. Our results indicate potential explanations for the mechanisms underlying NAI response to various environmental factors.
doi:10.3390/atmos9120463 fatcat:bqe2ud4u7rgi3faguqeak2vqte