Application of Wavelet Packet and Fuzzy Algorithm in Power System Short Circuit Fault Classification

Guangping Qiu
2022 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Short-circuit fault, also known as a lateral fault, is one of the common types of faults in power transmission lines. This paper proposes an accurate method for identifying short-circuit fault types for power transmission line systems. According to the three-phase A, B, and C values, short-circuit faults can be subdivided into ten classes. An MDL power system with controllable short-circuit fault types is designed and tested. The method of using wavelet packet to analyze short-circuit fault
more » ... forms and using the fuzzy controller to analyze eigenvectors is also proposed. Wavelet packet analysis makes up for the defect that wavelet transform usually only decomposes low frequencies and retains high frequency. Therefore, more accurate frequency band information and eigenvectors are obtained through wavelet packet transform, and then, the fuzzy controller is used to identify the eigenvectors, which can effectively detect and discriminate short-circuit fault types. Accurate identification of short-circuit fault types can improve transmission lines' overall operational efficiency and promote the power system's development.
doi:10.1155/2022/2882456 doaj:4ea6b286b69b4b1ca4f6b752a84e6f12 fatcat:h3t6fxlyz5gtxfaf346r24xgpu