Análise morfológica das formas imaturas de Sarconesia chlorogaster (Wiedemann) (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Toxotarsinae)

Sionei Ricardo Bonatto, Cláudio José Barros de Carvalho
1996 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
MORPIIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF IMMATURE STAGES OF SARCONESIA CHLO-ROGASTER (WIEDEMANN) (DlrTERA, CALLWHORIDAE, TOXOTARSINAE). Morphological characteristics of the immature of Sarcones;a eh/orogas/er (Wiedemann, 1830) were obtained rearing it on an artificial diet in a temperature controlled chamber set at 27± 1°C, 70± 10% RH and 12 hours photophase. The egg, three larval instars and puparium were described and illustrated together with the larval cephalopharyngeal skeleton. Some characters were
more » ... ied, for the first time using lhe scanning electron microscopy.
doi:10.1590/s0101-81751996000300019 fatcat:w2xvp54ij5bcflaxprqxvvdfsq