Investment on Employment in Under Developed Areas of the Country for Reduction of Tehran's Difficulties

Hossein Mokhtarti Hashi, Amin Moradi
2016 geographical researches quarterly journal  
Political power is concentrated in the capital cities of each country and plays impotent role in political, economic and cultural arenas. Although the capital cities mostly are active in political sense, but considering the facilities are there in the capital cities, usually doing business and economical activities is Affordable. Since capital is the political and administrative core of the country and most of the countrychr('39')s affairs are carried out there, it should be more dynamic and
more » ... icient city. Tehran as the capital of the country, faced with many problems which can cause limitation on the functions of the city as political core of the country. Given that a significant number of Tehran problems resulting from migration to the city to find job opportunities, it seems until the problem of the peripheral areas of the country is not resolved, there can be little hope to solve the problems of the city. Any attempt to solve the problems of the capital, regardless of paying serious attention to the problems of the other parts of the country, not only neutralized by the influx of newcomers, but also lead to more imbalance in development between the capital and the other parts of the country, that this will create more motivation to migration and living in Tehran. Thus the vicious circle of capital problems continues.This research using analytical - descriptive method, is seeking to study and analyze the problems of the capital in basic and systematic way in order to increase its dynamism and efficiency. The results shows that the lack of employment opportunities in underdeveloped areas of the country, cause migration to Tehran and transfer the other areas problems to the city and increases the problems. The solution of part of the Tehran problems is systematic approach and paying attention to the development of all parts of the country.
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