Nonlinear dual-core fibre devices and their applications [thesis]

Yi Bin Lu
The main objective of the work presented in this thesis was to study and investigate various novel optical fibre devices. They are so simple yet so full of potential. A simple length of dual core fibre in which one core is doped with Erbium and the other has no Erbium has been designed , fabricated and demonstrated to be capable of performing at least four different tasks successfully. Truly, this dual-core fibre has proved to be an idea medium for conveying and providing the necessary
more » ... ies to operate as a "C" and "L" band amplifiers, wavelength selector and optical switch within optical network systems. Its construction is simple, inexpensive and repeatable. The gain-flattening amplifiers for both the C-band and L-band using nonlinear dual-core Erbium doped fibres have been studied extensively. Both amplifiers were successfully designed, fabricated and demonstrated experimentally. They have respectively given very flat gain characteristics over a wide bandwidth experimentally. For the C-band EDFA, the gain variation was less than 0.7 dB with a high gain of 20 dB within the 30 nm wavelength range. For the L -band
doi:10.26190/unsworks/4586 fatcat:53pjrhimurgdfgccygbutbccqe