Sex shapes experimental ischemic brain injury

Jian Cheng, Patricia D. Hurn
2010 Steroids  
Biologic sex and sex steroids are important factors in clinical and experimental stroke. This review evaluates key evidence that biological sex strongly alters mechanisms and outcomes from cerebral ischemia. The role of androgens in male stroke is understudied and important to pursue given that male sex is a well known risk factor for human stroke. To date, male sex steroids remain largely evaluated at the bench rather than the bedside. We review recent advances in our understanding of
more » ... in the context of ischemic cell death and neuroprotection. We also highlight some possible molecular mechanisms by which androgens impact ischemic outcomes.
doi:10.1016/j.steroids.2009.10.014 pmid:19903490 pmcid:PMC2902572 fatcat:vc5vtakhenckleosd464i7647y