The role and importance of Smart Systems concept in the Industry 4.0

Momčilo Amović, Vladimir Vujović, Snježana Milinković
From the 18th century, the Industrial Revolutions led to the creation of a base for the development and progress of civilization and business. Different business models that relied on the new trends defined by the industrial revolutions significantly transformed the ecosystems of companies. This resulted in the accelerated development and entrance into the digital age, followed by the digitization of the environment and establishing a new system of values. Information and communication
more » ... ies are the backbone of the development and mapping of the physical domain into cyber-physical, leading to the emergence of new processes, knowledge, and skills that have been established in the context of Digital Transformation and the digital era. The key part of Digital transformation process is the Smart Systems concept, which is present in almost all industries and domains. Smart Agriculture is one of the most common applications of Smart Systems solutions. It aims to answer important questions regarding food production while, at the same time, taking care of the preservation of the environment, the health of the population and global development. In this paper, the key concepts of the digital transformation and smart systems are presented. In addition, the design and development of the GoGrow, commercial solution for smart agriculture is described.
doi:10.7251/ijeec2002101a fatcat:5jzgbxv2ojgv3ncmdew4muwmke