An extended Hop-by-hop interest shaping mechanism for content-centric networking

Natalya Rozhnova, Serge Fdida
2014 2014 IEEE Global Communications Conference  
The evolution of the Internet has triggered a significant activity exploring new architectures among which the concept of Information-Centric-Networks (ICN) has emerged. Considering the various ICN solutions, Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is the one that received most attention. The design of CCN is progressing albeit many important issues still deserve a careful analysis and design. In this paper, we cover the important problem of congestion control in CCN and develop our hopby-hop Interest
more » ... Shaping mechanism (HoBHIS) framework. We present the foundation and general properties of our solution. We then study the behaviour of HoBHIS and demonstrate the fairness of resource sharing in presence of multiple active conversations. Further, we introduce a mechanism to control the user behavior in order to limit its ability to submit requests in excess creating a potential risk for buffer overflow. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and provide a performance analysis using the implementation of our schemes in ndnSIM . We show that HoBHIS provides an adequate and efficient solution to the general problem of congestion control in CCN.
doi:10.1109/glocom.2014.7389766 fatcat:ur2lo3vcurcktjli5hfcotohzu