Development of Three-Dimensional Finite Element Method for Composite Materials Based on Damage Mechanics

Masaru ZAKO, Tetsuya TSUJIKAMI, Naoki TAKANO, Takuya TSUMURA
1995 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
A computer program of three-dimensional finite element method for fiber reinforced composite materials based on damage mechanics has been developed and the mechanical behavior for notched laminates under tensile load was analyzed by the developed computer program. There are many kinds of fracture pattern in composite materials. The effect of these fracture patterns on the mechanical behavior must be considered for the analysis of fracture behavior of composites. In order to treat above
more » ... reat above mentioned behaviors, the consideration of damage mechanics and a numerical procedure with new concept for the evolutional equation with damaged material have been introduced into the developed program. As the example, the mechanical behavior for notched laminate under tensile load was analyzed. The fracture strength obtained from numerical results agreed well with the experimental results. Consequently, it can be recognized that our proposed program is very useful for structural design and analysis of mechanical behavior for laminated composite structures.
doi:10.2472/jsms.44.921 fatcat:hzhv4u6fjna2horgz3eg6pfgga