Phytophagous invertebrates that damage orchids in gardens of western Tabasco, Mexico

SAÚL SÁNCHEZ SOTO, Leonides Córdova Ballona
2022 AgroProductividad  
Objective: To record six species of invertebrates that damage orchids in gardens in the western area of the state of Tabasco, Mexico. Methodology: As part of the project "Fauna associated with plants cultivated in the south-southeast region of Mexico", non-systematic collections of invertebrates that were observed damaging orchids were made in three gardens in the western part of the state of Tabasco. The invertebrates were identified through descriptions and taxonomic keys. Results: Four
more » ... s of insects of the order Coleoptera and two species of mollusks of the class Gastropoda are recorded. The insects are: (1) Diabrotica adelpha Harold (Chrysomelidae), (2) Stethobaris sp. (Curculionidae), (3) Cyclocephala guttata Bates (Scarabaeidae), these three damaging flowers of Brassavola nodosa (L.) Lindley; and (4) Stethobaroides nudiventris Champion (Curculionidae) damaging flowers of Catasetum integerrimum Hook. The mollusks are (1) Subulina octona (Bruguière) (Subulinidae) scraping leaves of Gongora leucochila Lem., Phalaenopsis sp. and C. integerrimum, and (2) Sarasinula plebeia (P.Fischer) (Veronicellidae) damaging leaves of C. integerrimum. Study limitations: It was not possible to specifically identify one of the insect species (Stethobaris sp.) and one of the damaged orchid species (Phalaenopsis sp). Conclusions: This study contributes to the knowledge of invertebrates that damage orchids in Mexico, and is a basis for future studies to determine the impact and importance of these organisms in the conservation and cultivation of orchids in this area of ​​Tabasco.
doi:10.32854/agrop.v15i9.2218 fatcat:pswz2wykp5fddd5uzp76pjdjoe