LXVI.—Five new Asiatic Telenominæ (Hym., Proctotrupoidea)

G.E.J. Nixon
1938 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Five new A&tk Telenomins (Hp., Pm&~trzkp&deu). By 6. E. J. NIXON, B. A., Imperial Institute of Entomology. I AM describing below four speciea in Tetemua (s. str.) and one in its subgenus A h o h . The t p s ara in the British Museum. The material h interesting became the four species which I now p1am in T e l m u s seem to invalidate the chief character (i. e., presence or absence of h a h on eyes) on which I tried to base a d i a i o n between this genus and the cloaely allied M i q h u n a w
more » ... Trans. R. Ent. Soc. h n d . lxxxiii. p. 74,1935, and Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. xx. p. 116, 1937). According to the summary of differences given in the earlier paper, them is no doubt that the four new speciea in question are rightly pbced in T d e m w . Later on, I hope to be able to offer a redefinition of the two genera. Tetemua w ' p d m , sp. n. (Fig. 1, d.) Brownish black , the abdomen slightly paler. Legs, except the anterior cox=, wbitish yellow. Except for the apical 4 segments of the $2 antenna, which are darkened, antennae i n both mxes more or less same eolour as the legs* 9. Red markedly wider than the thorax. Fronu almost everywhere smooth, shining. V e h x between the ace& 585 , Mr. G. E. J. N' =on on shining, with hardly a trace of aculptm ; behind the ocelli rather sharply declivous. Shortest distance between the eyes to their width as seen from above, as 6 : 5,
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