Effect of regular exercise on methods of problem centered stress coping mechanism

Hakimeh Dehghani, Rabiollah Farmanbar, Sedigheh Pakseresht, Ehsan Kazem Nezhad Leili
2012 Journal of Holistic Nursing and Midwifery  
Introduction‏: ‏College students continuously confront stresses and psycho environmental pressures ‎such as educational, family, social and economic problems. It is obvious that outcome of stress ‎affects their educational functioning and mental health. And for this reason they use methods to ‎confront stress in order to decrease its effect. An influential factor modifying stress and stress ‎coping mechanism is regular physical activity. ‎ Objective: The goal of this study was to determine the
more » ... ffect of regular exercise activity on ‎methods of problem centered coping mechanism in nursing students of Guilan University of ‎Medical Sciences.‎ ‎ Methods: This is an interventional study of randomized controlled trial. In this study, ‎‏76‏‎ students ‎eligible for the study were chosen and assigned by systematic random sampling into case and ‎control groups. The case group performed intervention program (‎‏6‏‎-week exercise) but control group ‎received no intervention. Methods of coping were examined in both groups before and after ‎intervention using WCQ instrument. Data were analyzed using SPSS version ‎‏16‏‎ and descriptive ‎statistics (Frequency, Mean and Standard deviation) and analytical statistics (Paired and ‎Independent T) with significant level of P<‎‏0.05‏‎.‎ Results: Findings showed no significant difference between the two groups regarding age, marital ‎status, place of living, mothers education level, fathers and mothers job, family level of income, ‎and number of family members, but there was a significant difference between year of entrance and ‎level of education. In addition findings showed a significant difference between problem-centered ‎coping method before and after intervention in experiment group.‎ Conclusion: Regular exercises affects problem-centered stress coping mechanism and decrease ‎negative outcomes of stress and have an important role on maintenance of students' mental health.‎
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