Exploring interactive digital design tools - the development of an alternative design sketching tool for urban interaction designers [thesis]

Danny Nguyen
In contemporary architecture firms, most design drawings are done via use of 3D modelling software. This method requires advanced specialist knowledge of the software in order to produce a visual representation of the physical space. The thesis argues that conventional visualization methods to design and analyse a concept's function in the intended exhibition space are created ex-situ and with minimal testing of the design concept in-situ there is a level of disparity between the concept and
more » ... al fabrication. This is particularly a challenge for Urban Interaction Designers as their objective is to create installations in the public space that engage the audience. Observing the challenges for Urban Interaction Designers and applying knowledge in architectural representation, the aim of this thesis is to develop an alternative design sketching tool which can increase awareness of installation interaction during the early stages of the design process. Additionally, it will enable visualization of the design concept to physically test the interaction qualities in a 1:1 scale. The thesis involves four detailed project experiments which analyse current tools used by Urban Interaction Designers to build upon an alternative system. The result of the experimentation has developed a system to facilitate the real-time transfer of physical spaces into a 3D environment to embed and test the interactivity of a design concept.
doi:10.26190/unsworks/20141 fatcat:b6if2zfkgzasxhsrxymxknnhd4