Multi-Rotor Virtual Machine for Grid-forming Converter to Damp Sub-synchronous Resonances

Ngoc Bao Lai, Gregory N. Baltas, Pedro Rodriguez
2021 IEEE Access  
Grid-forming power converters (GFMC) have been widely adopted in power systems as an attractive solution against the challenges imposed by the ever-increasing penetration of renewables. Despite its versatility, GFMC is employed only to provide islanded operation, grid regulations, and synthetic inertia. To further extend the use of GFMC in enhancing power system stability, this paper proposes a multi-rotor virtual machine (MRVM) controller to attenuate sub-synchronous oscillations. Driven by
more » ... formulation of a virtual synchronous machine (VSM), the proposed MRVM implements a VSM-based GFMC with several virtual rotors whose electromechanical characteristics can be individually adjusted to target specific oscillatory modes in the system. In this work, the MRVM's working principle is described in detail and tuning guidelines are proposed to simplify the selection of control parameters by using frequency-domain techniques and the eigenvalue locus analyses. To validate the performance of the MRVM, an IEEE benchmark grid model is adopted namely, the three-machine-infinite-bus system. It is evident from the results that the MRVM (i) provides higher degrees of freedom when dealing with sub-synchronous oscillations, and (ii) outperforms conventional GFMC, especially in damping intra-area power oscillations. INDEX TERMS Frequency-selective damping, grid-forming power converter, power oscillation damping, sub-synchronous oscillation, virtual synchronous machine.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3112070 fatcat:4o2aty73ozegtgfmiz5lsbihhy