Al$_{2}$O$_{3}$ Growth on (100) In$_{0.53}$Ga$_{0.47}$As Initiated by Cyclic Trimethylaluminum and Hydrogen Plasma Exposures

Andrew D. Carter, William J. Mitchell, Brian J. Thibeault, Jeremy J. M. Law, Mark J. W. Rodwell
2011 Applied Physics Express  
The influence of hydrogen plasma treatment before atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide on In 0:53 Ga 0:47 As is investigated. Experiments on untreated, trimethylaluminum-treated, hydrogen-plasma treated, and iterative hydrogen plasma/trimethylaluminum-treated samples are compared in the context of interface trap density, D it . Through the conductance method, it was found that five cycles of two s, 20 mT, 100 W hydrogen plasma alternating with 40 msS of trimethylaluminum dose prior to
more » ... dose prior to dielectric growth resulted in a reduction of interface trap density (0.2 eV below the conduction band edge) from 4:6 Â 10 12 eV À1 cm À2 for untreated samples to 1:7 Â 10 12 eV À1 cm À2 for treated samples.
doi:10.1143/apex.4.091102 fatcat:ets6jeohybeqxgp5teraqqcula