Formation Of Priorities Of The Systemic Human Capital Stimulation Of Construction Enterprises

Vladimir Lych, Alexander Zayets
2018 Zenodo  
The article summarizes and systematizes the priorities of the formation of human capital systemic stimulation of construction enterprises. It justifies the necessity of its genesis acceleration, determines the major principles and subsystems, the priority tasks which need to be met in the process of formation of systemic human capital stimulation of construction enterprises that will lead to the stable improvement of eco-sosio-economic efficiency of construction. Among the major priorities of
more » ... jor priorities of formation of the systemic human capital stimulation of construction enterprises it is necessary to determine the following: the creation of the essential material incentives for extended reproduction of qualitative labor force, in particular, on the basis of development of programs for the organization of continuous improvement of the qualification level of personnel of construction enterprises; justification of the Program for the preservation and development of human capital in future, taking into account the strategy of development of construction enterprises, which should be based on systemic stimulation of human capital; introduction of a set of measures to improve the efficiency of existing forms and systems of remuneration, combining environmental, economic and social interests of both employees and employers; creation of the integrated system of social security of employees at construction enterprises; preventing labor force losses, facilitating the transition from salaries determined as a share in income to salary determined as cost of labor; inclusion of measures to improve the systemic stimulation of human capital in a collective agreement between the administration of construction enterprises and trade unions, or an authorized by the workforce body.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1219850 fatcat:vibze3tbjfauhjmpkyzfswzqn4