Fin-channel orientation dependence of forward conduction in kV-class Ga2O3 trench Schottky barrier diodes

Wenshen Li, Kazuki Nomoto, Zongyang Hu, Debdeep Jena, Huili G. Xing
2019 Applied Physics Express  
Si-doped -(Al 0.26 Ga 0.74 ) 2 O 3 thin films and heterostructures grown by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy Praneeth Ranga et al -This content was downloaded from IP address on 25/03Ga 2 O 3 vertical trench Schottky barrier diodes with four different fin-channel orientations are realized on (001) substrates and compared. Finchannels along the [010] direction with (100)-like sidewalls result in the highest forward current, while other channel orientations all lead to a shallow
more » ... n-on behavior and much lower forward current, indicative of severe sidewall depletion attributed to negative interface charges. The comparison indicates that the interface charge density is the smallest on the (100)-like surfaces. The breakdown voltage of the diodes with 1-μm fin width is around 2.4 kV, with no apparent dependence on the channel orientation. Fig. 6. (Color online) Breakdown voltage of the trench SBDs with 1-μm channel width with respect to the fin orientation angle, in comparison with the breakdown voltage of the MOS-capacitor. The inset shows the corresponding reverse I-V characteristics.
doi:10.7567/1882-0786/ab206c fatcat:pdcmbjlmmjajzmhlxz2iegtosa