Effect of Simultaneously Immobilized FAD on Catalytic Oxidation of Glucose at Glucose Oxidase/Polypyrrole Modified Electrodes

Akira KITANI, Norio KASYU, Sotaro ITO
1997 Electrochemistry  
Glucose oxidase(GOD)ノpolypyrrde(PPy) modified eledrodes,prepared ebctrochemica y from the solution containing pyrrole and GOD,are known to act as an amperometric biosensor for glucose1辱4).We have found the current response for glucose remarkably increased by the simu腱aneous immobilization of flavin coenzyme (FAD or FMN),which is the cofactor of GOD5).
doi:10.5796/kogyobutsurikagaku.65.485 fatcat:leoxjewpereovmc36mlfw5pm5u