Analysis of Flexible Hoses with Spiral Tubular Inserts for a Reduction in the Fluidborne Pressure Pulsation in an Automotive Power Steering Hydraulic System. 1st Report. Experimental Considerations
パワーステアリング用スパイラルチューブ入りホースの脈動減衰特性 第1報 実験的考察

Eiichi KOJIMA, Takayoshi ICHIYANAGI, Yoshikazu KIMURA
1996 Hydraulics & Pneumatics  
This paper deals with investigations on propagation and attenuation characteristics of fluidborne pressure pulsation generated by a pump in a complete power steering hydraulic transmission circuit. Emphasis is placed on the accurate measurement of transfer matrix parameters, and hence, transmission loss of the resonator hose, a kind of hydraulic silencer, consisting of a reinforced hose and spiral tubes positioned coaxialy inside it, for the purpose of obtaining basic data for developing a
more » ... factory mathematical model for the attenuation characteristics in future. Experimental results show that the pulsation attenuation characteristics of resonator hose (i.e. , transmission loss) is remarkably affected by the resonance of longitudinal vibration of finite-length hose wall as well as its visco-elastic properties. It is also shown that the predicted pressure pulsations from measured transfer matrix parameters of system components, including resonator hose and measured pump source characteristics in any position in a real complete power steering hydraulic circuit, agree well with the measured results over a wide frequency range up to around 1.5 kHz in interest. These satisfactory test results will assist engineers in the modeling and design of resonator hoses, and hence, should provide a means for designing a quieter automotive power steering hydraulic system.
doi:10.5739/jfps1970.27.788 fatcat:3j2qko465ffyffru4ejsk2yklm